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(066A) F-11830B-C Reed Group Top(066A) F-11830B-C Reed Group Top
00044 Allen Screw 6x20
00045 Socket Head Screw
00046 Screw
00265 Allen Screw
00302 M6 Washer
00345-K Kit 20 M6 Copper Washers
00351 Hexagonal Nut
10358 Exhaust Stud Bolt
10360-A Carburetor Gasket
10360-B Carburetor Gasket
10380 Reeds Screw
10525 Fixed Carburetor Studbolt
10743-C1 X30 Complete Intake Silencer
10745-C Complete Intake Silencer
10751-A Rubber Hose With Foam Filter
10755 Manifold Clamp
10771-C Intake Silencer Fitting
11805-A Manifold Carburetor Gasket
11810 Crankcase Manifold Gasket
11828-A Rubber Reeds Group
11840 Reed Petal

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