Prisma Electronics HiPreMa 3 Evo Tire Gauge

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Digital tire pressure gauge

Adjust and measure the tire pressure with a range of 7BAR/101PSI with high accuracy of 0,1% over the full scale. It has been designed for the Racing World where tire pressure is primary for the performance of the tires. With Hiprema 3 EVO you measure the pressure without errors.

The measurement accuracy.


This digital tire pressure gauge does not require calibration; whenever you switch on it the internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable mesure at 100%.


Maximum error at full scale of 0.1% over the pressure range 0-7BAR / 0-101PSI


Stores cold and hot tires pressure

All the values of the tires pressure directly on the display. You can immediately check how tires are working and what is your chassis balance.


How to use HIPREMA 3


It is possible to measure and adjust the tire pressures without saving them.

It is possible to save in sequence the cold and hot tire pressures in order to have the possibility to compare on the display the changes having during the the performance of race.

Read the article on our blog with the video using the digital pressure gauge on track


  • Class of accuracy : 0,1
  • Maximum error at Full scale : 0,1%
  • Pressure range : 7 BAR / 101 PSI
  • Measure resolution : 0,01 bar - 0,1 psi
  • BAR and PSI pressure unit
  • 8 storable pressure values for each set
  • Memory stores 15 complete sets of pressures
  • Not require calibration
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Indication of battery charge
  • Brass head MICHELIN
  • Silicone shell to protect the instruments from impact
  • Auto power off after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Longer battery life - 3 years !!


Version with pressure range 7 BAR / 101 PSI